Hotel van der Valk Amersfoort offers its hotel guests high quality massages to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Mio-Vitality's physiotherapy practice strives to ensure that you can relax optimally and that you feel more vital after one of our massages.

Choose your treatment and make an appointment!
These high quality, high value massages are performed by a professional physiotherapist / haptotherapist from www.mio-vitaliy.nl


Relaxation massage € 30

- 30 minutes
- Focusing on the neck, shoulder and back muscles

Sports massage € 30

- 30 minutes
- Focused on 1 complaint
- The complaint is focused on the upper legs, lower legs, back or neck muscles

Massage Plus € 30

- 30 minutes
- Focused on the head and massage of the neck muscles

Where and when

The physiotherapy practice of Mio- Vitality gives massages inside van der Valk Hotel in the business tower. At the reception you go towards Chiccio bar and you can take the small elevator to the 4th floor. In the central hall we will pick you up.

We are present daily.

Call or sms for an appointment

Or send an email to info@mindfulnessinorganisaties.nl

Which massage suits you best?

Would you prefer a Relaxation massage where the muscles are massaged at a gentle pace and with light pressure? This massage is ideal if you want more relaxed muscles after an intensive day of meetings for example.

Or for a firmer sports massage for stiff and aching muscles, where muscle knots are loosened and blood circulation in the muscles is improved? This massage is ideal if you have been active with sports activities such as cycling or walking. If desired, stretching advice is given to you to stretch the muscles to optimize blood circulation.

New Or do you opt for Massage Plus

New This hotel distinguishes itself with Massage Plus in which the sides and top of the head are treated with soft, gentle grips and the neck muscles are massaged.

Massage plus is a combination massage of physical therapy and the haptonomy. A massage ideal when you are busy in the head, feel restless or stressed. Or just because you want to experience more peace! More peace in your mind gives more relaxation in your body. You often sleep better and your energy level increases.