Cocktail bar in Amersfoort SIXX

From the moment you enter Skybar SIXX you enter a different world. An exclusive and vibrant place where professionals serve delicious cocktails, mocktails and other (alcoholic) flavors. It is not without reason that it is a popular place for a party or event. Will we soon welcome you to the nicest cocktail bar in Amersfoort?

Best cocktails in Amersfoort

Skybar SIXX

Nicest cocktail bar in Amersfoort

Van der Valk Hotel Amersfoort-A1 is a wonderful hotel for friends, families and lovers. The fact that the nicest cocktail bar in Amersfoort can be found on the sixth floor certainly plays a role. Skybar SIXX has an exclusive atmosphere and is very stylishly decorated. Our employees make great cocktails, mocktails, exclusive wines and tasty snacks in no time.