Free parking in Amersfoort

Hotel Amersfoort - A1 has ample parking facilities. Parking is free for our leisure and business hotel guests. So if you stay overnight in our hotel or participate in a meeting or event in our hotel, you will benefit from free parking!

Facilities for bicycles and electric cars

We also understand that travel can take place in different ways, which is why we offer additional facilities for bicycles and electric cars. For guests arriving by bicycle, we have a special bicycle storage area available to keep your bike safe during your stay. In addition, we offer an electric car charging station, allowing you to easily charge your electric vehicle while you are with us. Ask our front desk about the possibilities and we will be happy to assist you.

Affordable and convenient parking

For visitors not staying at the hotel, we also offer parking options at an affordable hourly rate of just €3. If you need to be in the area regularly, consider taking out a monthly subscription for only €250 per month, so you can park carefree whenever you want.

Close to our hotel, about a 5-minute walk away, is a bus stop. Here you can easily get on the bus towards the city center or the railway station of Amersfoort. More information about the location.