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VUE cinema Amersfoort


VUE cinema Amersfoort

VUE Amersfoort is the first cinema in the Netherlands with the spectacular D-BOX Motion Code system in the seats. This allows the movie audience to not only watch or hear a movie, but also to feel it. The system uses motion codes specifically designed for each film. These codes controll the motion generating system, which is built into the platform of the seats. The movements are perfectly synchronized with the action on the screen to allow an unmatched realistic experience.

The movements that are generated by the system are more than just "vibrations". Thus, a seat with the D-BOX can tilt to the left / right, move forward / backward, go up / down and give off vibrations. Therefore, all movements are possible, and you will even be able to experience G-forces! And while it can not be extreme enough for some visitors, others find it more enjoyable when it is a little less. Therefore, the seats are equipped with a "volume" adjustment unit, with which the movement can be regulated.

Once you've experienced the thrilling experience of the additional D-BOX while watching a movie, it's hard to go back to a "normal" cinema visit. Consider yourself warned ...!

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