Art Hall KAdE

Looking for an exciting cultural experience in the heart of the Netherlands? Then come to Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort, where art, creativity and inspiration come together. Located on the Eemhaven, Kunsthal KAdE offers a dynamic and diverse environment where visitors can enjoy exhibitions, events and educational programs. With Museum Flehite, the Mondriaan House and Architecture Center FASadE, KAdE is part of the Amersfoort in C Foundation.

With changing exhibitions by both emerging and established artists, Kunsthal KAdE is a place where you can always discover something new. From contemporary art to historical exhibitions, there is something for everyone. The art hall focuses on various disciplines such as fine art, photography, design and architecture, making it appeal to a wide range of interests.

But Kunsthal KAdE is more than just an exhibition space; it is a cultural meeting place where people come together to share, learn and be inspired. With regular events such as lectures, workshops and tours, the art hall offers an interactive experience that is both educational and enriching.

Besides discovering art and culture, a visit to Kunsthal KAdE also offers the chance to explore the vibrant city of Amersfoort. Located a stone's throw from the historic center, you can enjoy the atmospheric streets, cozy cafes and beautiful canals of this charming city after your visit to the art gallery.

Kunsthal KAdE is a must-visit destination for art lovers, culture buffs and curious minds. Whether you come alone, with friends or with the whole family, there is always something to experience and discover. Enrich yourself with new perspectives, be inspired by creativity and enjoy an unforgettable experience at Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort.

Come along and discover the artistic world of Kunsthal KAdE - where art and culture come alive!