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Organize Football training camps in the Netherlands at Van der Valk Amersfoort-A1

At Van der Valk Hotel Amersfoort-A1 we understand the unique needs of international football organizations and associations. Due to the warmer summers in the south of Europe, the Netherlands is increasingly becoming the ideal location for a football training camp in the Netherlands. Our facilities and partnerships make our hotel the perfect choice for your team.

Extensive Experience and Collaboration

We have extensive experience in organizing football training camps and work closely with several football clubs in the area. These clubs meet the strict grass field guidelines, which ensures that your team can always train on the best possible fields. Thanks to our strong ties with local clubs and organizations, we can provide you with the best training conditions and logistical support. This means that your team can fully focus on training and performance.

Facilities and Amenities

Our hotel offers all the necessary facilities to make your training camp run smoothly and effectively:


A fully equipped gym is at your disposal for strength and fitness training. Our gym is equipped with modern equipment and offers an inspiring environment for both individual and team training.

Spacious Rooms:

Comfortable and spacious rooms where your players can rest and recover. Our rooms are designed to provide maximum rest after intense training sessions, with comfortable beds and all necessary amenities.

Shuttle Service:

Easy access to training locations and other facilities thanks to our shuttle service. This service ensures that your team is transported to and from the training fields punctually and without stress.

Private Kitchen:

Our kitchen can be adapted to the needs of your own chef, ensuring that your team receives the right nutrition. We understand how important nutrition is to your team's performance and offer flexible catering options.

Common Areas:

Specially designed common areas for team discussions and relaxation. These spaces are ideal for strategic discussions, post-training analyzes and team building activities.

Ideal Training Environments in the Netherlands

Our location offers a varied environment for different types of training:

  • Forest: Perfect for endurance training and natural resistance. The peaceful and serene environment of the forest provides an excellent backdrop for long-distance training and mental preparation.
  • Dunes: Ideal for strength and endurance training. The sandy surface of the dunes offers an extra challenge and strengthens the muscles, which is crucial for the physical development of the players.
  • Polder: Suitable for technical drills and strategic exercises. The vast, flat areas of the polder are perfect for conducting precise technical exercises and tactical simulations.

Quality of the Fields: Unparalleled Maintenance and Inspection

Unparalleled Quality of the Fields

At Van der Valk Amersfoort-A1 we attach great importance to the quality of the training fields we offer. Our fields are regularly maintained and meet the highest standards, so your team can train under the best conditions. The grass is professionally mowed and cared for according to a strict mowing plan that ensures that the fields are always in optimal condition.

Extensive Mowing and Maintenance Plan

Our maintenance team follows an extensive mowing and maintenance plan that has been specially developed to guarantee the quality of the lawns. This plan includes regular mowing, watering, fertilizing and aerating the fields. These measures ensure that the grass remains strong and healthy, minimizing injuries caused by poor field conditions. The mowing plan is adapted to the seasonal needs of the grass, so that the field always remains in top condition.

Technical Inspection and Inspection

To guarantee the safety and playing quality of our fields, they undergo regular technical inspections and inspections. These inspections are carried out by certified experts who check matters such as drainage, grass density and overall playability of the field. Any deficiencies are addressed immediately to ensure your team can train without interruption. Our fields meet the strict standards of international football organizations, which means you can count on a high-quality playing environment.

Collaboration with Municipalities and Government

We have extensive partnerships with local municipalities and government, meaning that all necessary approvals and permits can be obtained quickly and efficiently. This ensures a carefree and professionally organized training camp. Our experience in coordinating with local authorities ensures that all legal and logistical aspects are handled seamlessly. This makes it possible to fully focus on the sporting performance of your team.

Why Hotel Van der Valk Amersfoort-A1 for training camp?

  • Optimal Location: Located in the heart of the Netherlands, close to the A1 highway, making us easily accessible. Our central location ensures your team has easy access to various towns and amenities in the area.
  • Professional Support: Our team of experts is ready to take care of your event down to the last detail. From planning and organization to implementation, we provide support on every level to ensure that your training camp is a success.
  • Versatility: From small training groups to large teams, we have the space and flexibility to meet your specific needs. Our various rooms and facilities can be adapted to meet all the wishes and requirements of your team.

Contact and Bookings

Contact us today to discuss the options for your football training camp in the Netherlands. Our professionals are happy to help you with a tailor-made plan that perfectly meets the needs of your team. We are ready to answer all your questions and organize a successful and unforgettable training camp together with you.

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